You don't really know what you want but you are curious, or you just want to try new flavors, then the elbox was made for you! But what in dino’s name is an elbox?

The elbox is a set of products, a package that will allow you to try new things. It’s renewed several times a year. Nice, right?

discovery elbox

The basic elbox with lots of products to discover throughout the year. It's easy, select the elbox according to your food intolerance and we’ll put together a great box with adapted products that you will love.

You’ll get between 4 and 7 products per elbox, something to please you and perhaps make you discover flavors that you did not know.

Check out the discovery elbox

thematic elbox

Easter, Christmas, summer, winter, etc. are so many opportunities to celebrate life and to enjoy our families and friends. We want to celebrate these moments with you by offering you limited time thematic elbox composed of products related to the theme of the moment.

Keep your eyes open to discover all our new thematic elbox!

Discover the thematic elbox

zero waste elbox

Do you also want to be an amazing dino and save the planet? Here is your chance to help us fight food waste. In this elbox, we gathered a mix of products that will soon expire but still taste delicious.

With 60% off, it's pretty good to do a good deed, right?

Discover the zero waste elbox


Because some dinos have more difficulty than others to have enough to eat, you have the opportunity to give them a hand with the donbox.

The donbox is at a fixed and reduced price and is given to dinos in need to bring them some comfort and food. eldino does not make money on the donbox and works with Partage, a great association that distributes them to dinos in need.

Discover the donbox