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Have you ever tried cooking a meal while having to meet all of your friends' needs and food intolerances? What do you buy when your brother is gluten intolerant, his girlfriend is vegan, your best friend doesn't eat dairy products and your boyfriend doesn't want to eat "too healthy because it's not good"? Not so easy to keep all the intolerances in mind and still prepare something tasty. Because after all, life is too short to eat bad food!

After realizing that a lot of people around us were suffering from food intolerances and that everyone had trouble finding quality products in Switzerland, we thought it was time for us to unite our forces and become heroes. Okay, maybe not heroes, but at least make your life easier, and that’s already a big win!

So, we tried to find a solution and this solution is "eldino": a crazy name for a not so twisted idea. A website that allows you to order online a variety of products that meet your food intolerances and diets and that are tasty (rest assured, we are going to avoid the dry gluten-free cookie that breaks down as soon as you touch it). We’re offering you a range of products from different places in the world, from major brands to small local producers. You can benefit from delivery everywhere in Switzerland without customs fees and without huge delivery costs.

The major food intolerances are taken into account (gluten, eggs, lactose) and we also added 2 important categories: vegan and dairy (because yes, we know that dairy and lactose are not the same thing). There is something for everyone and for all of those who want to eat healthy. Just select your intolerances in the elshop filters and you’ll find all the products that suit you. Easy peasy!

eldino is a whole community which is constantly developing with small and big dinos who count on us. Two birds with one fossil, as they say: we help dinos who are looking for good products to enjoy food and we respect their food intolerances!

If you’re wondering "what is a food intolerance? "", you’ll find explanations about gluten, lactose, milk protein, eggs and veganism here.

the values

Certain values are important to us and we do our best to take them into account in each of our decisions:


when you like eating, every bite should be amazing!


we only want the best, the crème de la crème (plant-based) for you!


we like to discover new flavors and offer them to you


you are now part of the eldino community, a large family of intolerant foodies.

Whether you eat gluten-free, lactose-free, dairy-free, egg-free or vegan, you will find what you are looking for on eldino.

The objective of eldino is to help people suffering from food intolerances or following a specific diet. We want to push this even further to allow dinos in need to benefit from this help as well. This is why we created donboxes at a fixed and reduced price (eldino does not make money on the donboxes). These products are then donated to an association which distributes them to dinos in need. Find out more

eldino, for all intolerant foodies

the dino friends

We wouldn't have been able to launch this beautiful project without the help of other dinos!

For the launch of the website, we were able to count on the incredible support of dino-contributors during the Wemakeit crowdfunding and partners who advised and supported us. It is important for us to thank them from the bottom of our hearts in alphabetical order): Ans and Yvan Deloof, Magali Deloof, Dominique de Saint Pierre, Frédérique and Denis, Katia and Laurent, Laure and Gonzalo, Mansie, Sofia Merlo, Stéphane and Chantal Musy, Christophe and Hélène Werbrouck, and so many other dinos.

Servette Football Club: at eldino, we like to work out. That's why we're partners with Servette Football Club, 17 times Swiss champion.⁠Grab a ball, a pack of cookies and see you on the field! 

Swissveg: eldino is a partner of Swissveg, which has been working since 1993 in the field of public relations to reduce meat consumption in a sustainable way by promoting plant-based nutrition as a responsible, healthy, attractive and accessible way of life for everyone. They inform and accompany individuals and organizations who wish to adopt a plant-based lifestyle. Swissveg members receive a 5% discount at eldino!

the intolerances

A food intolerance is not an allergy. Food intolerance is a reaction of your digestive system when you eat a type of aliment. Unlike an allergy, it does not react to your immune system, does not cause immediate symptoms and is not life-threatening. This is why it cannot be detected with an allergy test (to bad).

If you are intolerant, it means that your body is not producing the enzyme required to digest the food, or that it is more sensitive to an additive or chemical element contained in it. The severity of the reaction depends on the quantity of this food that you are going to devour (gnum gnum…). If you feel that you are not reacting well to a product, it is important to identify the foods to avoid and not to eat them because the symptoms may worsen with age and frequency of snacking.

About 20% of the Swiss population suffers from food intolerance, so rest assured, you are not alone!

The products on the eldino website focus on food intolerances and the vegan diet. The products are not necessarily compatible for allergies.


Gluten is a protein found in certain cereals. Mixed with water, this is what gives the dough its strength and elasticity.

It’s called celiac disease, gluten intolerance, gluten sensitivity or hypersensitivity but be careful not to confuse it with gluten allergy which has other much more serious reactions.

Celiac disease is a permanent intolerance to one or more gluten proteins . It annoys your small intestine and prevents it from absorbing certain nutrients like iron or calcium.

Many people suffer from gluten intolerance without even knowing it. The symptoms are mainly digestive and can vary depending on your age: stomach aches, diarrhea, feeling bloated, annoying gas or weight loss. You may also have a lack of iron, be tired, have a lot of mouth ulcers, or muscle pain.

To avoid these very unpleasant symptoms, you must remove gluten from your diet. Gluten takes several weeks to disappear from your system, so you have to be patient…

How to eat gluten-free? Gluten is a generic term for the types of proteins found in certain grains. To find out if there is gluten, think of the acronym BROWS:

  • Barley
  • Rye
  • Oats
  • Wheat (includes wheat, kamut and triticale which is a hybrid cereal between rye and wheat)
  • Spelt

Recent studies have shown that a large proportion of celiac people tolerate specially produced gluten-free oats that are not contaminated with gluten-containing grains.

Contrary to popular belief, buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth, millet, soy, corn and rice do not contain gluten because they are not grains. You can go crazy with these!


Lactose intolerance comes from the inability to digest lactose (so far, it seems logical). But what is lactose? These are the sugars found in dairy products. If you can't digest lactose, it's because your small intestine isn't producing enough of an enzyme called lactase. Without it, the body cannot transform lactose into glucose which is then absorbed by your body to give you energy

If you have a stomachache from time to time when you drink a glass of milk, you may not be intolerant because adults generally have trouble digesting milk. But if every time you take dairy products you have a stomachache, bloating, bathroom emergencies, annoying gas, nausea or gurgling and dino noises, you are probably lactose intolerant.

Promise, it's not dangerous, it's just unpleasant and more or less painful, depending on the amount of lactose contained in the product you’re eating.

So how do you know if you are intolerant? Stop using products that contain lactose and see if the symptoms go away, even for a few days.

How to eat lactose free? Unfortunately, no miracle solution: you must eat lactose-free products or take lactase supplements.

dairy-free, milk-free

By "milk" and “dairy” we mean milk protein and animal dairy products, which can cause problems to some people. We are talking about allergy to milk protein, but you can also say allergy to milk.

Animal milk contains many sensitizing proteins, including beta-lactoglobulin (complicated word...) and casein. Allergy to milk is a reaction triggered by your immune system which does not recognize proteins and considers them as foreign bodies. You will then create antibodies to destroy them. This is what causes inflammatory reactions: you can have stomach or intestines aches, trouble absorbing vitamins and minerals, redness on the body and it can even make you itchy. Not great, we agree.

How to eat without milk nor dairy? All dairy products of animal origin should be removed. Lactose-free products as well because even if they remove the lactose, the milk proteins are still in there! Fortunately, you have plenty of plant-based alternatives (soy, rice, almonds, etc.).


As you’ve gathered, intolerance to eggs concerns... eggs! People are more usually intolerant to egg white, but you may also be sensitive to yolk, or both.

Symptoms vary depending on the individual and the amount of egg being swallowed. For example, you may be able to eat pancakes or cakes without symptoms but not quiches or omelets. You have to test and remove what you can't stand well.

Check out the egg-free products here !


We have also decided to take into account the vegan diet, which consists of not consuming or using any product of animal origin or derived from animals in all aspects of their lives. This includes dairy products, eggs, honey and all animal products.

Want to try vegan products?

low in sugar

At eldino, a food is considered low in sugar if it contains no more than 5g of sugar per 100g, or 2,5g of sugar per 100ml. The sugar level we use is "carbohydrates - of which sugars".

Want to try low in sugar products?

the badges

What are these badges and all these levels to achieve? Don't worry, we'll explain the game to you!

The goal is simple: earn a maximum of points (called D’) to level up and take advantage of perks and gifts.

How to earn D'?

You have several ways to earn D’:

  • Each time you spend 1 CHF in the elshop, you automatically receive 1 D' (excluding delivery costs)
  • When you successfully complete a mission, you receive a badge and a number of D'

The accumulation of D’ fills your personal gauge and allows you to pass levels to earn benefits and gifts. Obviously, the more difficult the mission is, the more D' you get!

You can see all the missions to be accomplished and the badges that you have already obtained in your dino account. You’ll also see what level you’re on and how many D’ you need to reach the next one.

Stay tuned on Instagram and Facebook because there are special missions available for a limited time!