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Need ideas for tonight's meal? An afterwork and you don't know what to prepare? Do you want to impress your dino or your dinette? You clicked on the right page!

Here, you’ll find all kinds of easy recipes to learn new dishes or perfect them. Promise, they have all been tested by the eldino team!

You will also find tips and explanations for complicated questions about food intolerances, ingredients and foods. We also explain their benefits and how to cook them, and other little infos that you might find useful!

Sorry, little dino, it's only available in French at the moment...

because brownies make everything better
vegan brownies
say ch..cookiiiiies !
ginger bread cookies
Christmas is around the corner!
Gluten free chocolate Swiss roll
snacky snack time
peanut butter cups
ready to crumble your heart with joy
baked pears with crumble
Pink up your dessert
Vegan rose & pomegranate slice
let's stir up that quinoa!
quinoa stir fry
When breakfast goes vegan
Vegan Breakfast Muffin
On a retrouvé le pain perdu !
Pain perdu vegan
C'est la fête dans le wok !
Riz sauté aux crevettes et kimchi
Houmous, hummus, hommos... Compliqué à écrire mais facile à manger !
Houmous au citron et basilic
Arrête d'être bette-rave ou tu vas finir en tartare
Tartare de betterave et houmous
Un chou explosif!
Choux de Bruxelles sautés à la grenade
Le tiramisu voyage en Belgique et en Suisse
Tiramisu aux speculoos et crème double Gruyère
eldino is in Happy Monday!
Happy Monday - 23.11.2020
eldino partenaire du Servette FC
La gomme de guar et la gomme de xanthane
infodino 9
Un peu de couleur dans la boisson du matin !
Pink Chai Latte
Samedi = spaghettis !
Spaghettis à l'arrabbiata
Panna coco-tta
Panna cotta au lait de coco, citron vert et ananas
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