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Need ideas for tonight's meal? An afterwork and you don't know what to prepare? Do you want to impress your dino or your dinette? You clicked on the right page!

Here, you’ll find all kinds of easy recipes to learn new dishes or perfect them. Promise, they have all been tested by the eldino team!

You will also find tips and explanations for complicated questions about food intolerances, ingredients and foods. We also explain their benefits and how to cook them, and other little infos that you might find useful!

Sorry, little dino, it's only available in French at the moment...

Cette patate va me rendre chèvre !
Patate douce au chèvre chaud
eldino est dans le Bilan !
Bilan, La vie des PME - 11.07.2020
Ramène ton pamplemousse
Spritzer au pamplemousse
eldino est dans Ron Orp!
Ron Orp - 8.6.2020
Le goûter en noir et blanc
« Bounty » maison, barre de noix de coco au chocolat
eldino est dans Gault & Millau !
Gault & Millau - 11.5.2020
Quel tire-au-flan celui-là !
Flan à la noix de coco
eldino is in Happy Monday!
Happy Monday - 13.4.2020
eldino est dans l'Agefi !
Agefi - 31.3.2020
Quand c'est fan-é, on en fait du pesto !
Pesto de fanes de légumes
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